Personalized Hand-Painted Leather Jackets and Commissioned Paintings

Artwork testimonials

Kenneth E. Terrell

"Received the painting today and was extremely pleased with the realism. Sure brought back some memories. I think every man who flew with the 8th AF deserves one of these true-to-life paintings. Not only for his own enjoyment, but think about the future when all human memory of these event will be erased. Someday your grandchildren and their children can point to it and say, That's what Dad or Granddad did in the war."

Kenneth E. Terrell 8AF, 446 BG, 787 SQ

Earl Joswick

"A million thanks for doing this for us and helping to keep the memory alive. I am buying this one to pass on to my family."

Earl Joswick 8AF, 95 BG, 334 SQ, X-POW

Larry Bachman

"When I first saw your artwork I decided I wanted one print for each of my 7 remaining crew members. They will be as pleased to own one as I am. There is such realism in your work and a thousand memories for each of us that lived through those days."

Larry Bachman 8AF, 392 BG, 577 SQ

Ed Zieba

"I hung the personalized print in my war room as soon as I received it. IT'S GREAT! Thanks for being so nice and friendly."

Ed Zieba 8AF, 384 BG, 546 SQ

William Wick

"This print is as natural and near perfect as I've ever seen. It gave me the chills when I first saw it. It's terrific! I know my co-pilot is going to want one too."

William Wick 8AF, 352 BG, 509 SQ

Frank Halm

"The beautiful graphic, colorful portrayal of the B-17 Gremlin's Hotel print was outstanding. Delightful in every respect."

Frank Halm 8AF, 94 BG, 331 SQ

Robert J. Honeycutt

"My picture arrived yesterday and I am extremely pleased, it is actually much more than I expected. The rendition is quite accurate. Your choice of framing accentuates the picture perfectly."

Robert J. Honeycutt 8AF, 445 BG, 700 SQ

Edward Lewis

"The picture you did for me is outstanding! It surpasses all I had expected. So real and true to details of the story I included. The extras you added make the depiction even more realistic."

Edward Lewis 8AF, 94 BG, 410 SQ