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Aviation Art F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Personalized Aviation Art


Tell me what's so important about Giclee Canvas Prints. (pronounced gee-clay) The image has all the tonalities and hues of the original painting. They use special light-fast inks, which, if kept out of the sun, will remain true for up to 25 years and can actually look even better when printed Giclee.

Can I put more than one crew or individual photo on a print? Yes.

Framing 20"X28"

Shipping Ground Shipping, Tracking & Insurance - Continental USA


I don't have any research on my bomb group markings. We usually have research on your markings available. Give us your Air Force, Bomb Group and Squadron numbers and the dates you served and we will research them for you. Any research you do have will be of help, even what you remember.

Do you return my research and photos I send you? All materials you send us to complete your personalization will be returned to you when we ship you your final order. We highly recommend that you send us copies of your valuable photos.


How much does nose art cost that is just lettering? $35 per plane.

How much does nose art cost that is an illustration (for example, a drawing of woman or object)? $65.00 per drawing, lettering included.

I don't have any research or photos of my nose art. We have quite a bit of research on nose art available to us. Often times you can describe the illustration or type of lettering and we can draw it from your explanation. You always are able to see the nose art before we send you your final print to make sure you are satisfied with the drawing.

Will you return my photos? All photos and research are returned to you at the completion of your order. Please send us copies of your valuable photos.


What size photo do I need to send for my individual or crew shot? We can work with any size photo, black & white or color. We scan the photo you send into our computer and size it to the correct size for the print. We will return any photos you send us. Since most of the photos you have are old and valuable to you, we recommend you make a good copy of them and send the copy to us. Places like Kinkos or photo developers can make you nice copies.

I don't have a photo of myself from World War II? You may use a more recent photo of yourself or we can use emblems, awards, etc. you have to enhance the print.

What information do you need for under the photo? Generally, your name, rank position, air force, bomb group and squadron numbers for any individual photo. With crew shots, we usually list the air force, bomb group and squadron and all the men in the photo identifying them by their rank, name and position. If you don't know all the names of the men on the photo or don't want to list them, we can put only your name and where you are in the picture.

What else can I put with my photo? This is an opportunity for you to tell your story to your family and friends. Any information regarding your service can be included such as: base you flew from, dates you served, POW information, camps you were in, number of missions flown, military awards and honors you received, etc. You can even write a story of one of your missions, etc. You can be creative! All information you want is typeset with your photo.

Do I get my photo back? Yes, all photos and materials you send will be returned to you at the completion of your order. Please send copies of your valuable photos.


Can I add a "Mickey Dome" to the lead ship? Yes.

Can you add more flak to the painting? Yes.

Can I put my signature on the print? Yes. It is very popular to do so. We can put all crew members signatures on it also. We have even put deceased members' signatures on prints. Just send us a copy of the signature you want on a print and we'll put it on. Price: No Charge.

Ask us about anything else you might think of to add. We can probably do it! Price: To Be Determined.

Can the prints have markings for other countries such as the RAF and Australia? Yes, just provide us with as much research as possible.


What is the frame like? The 20 X 28" frame is a Classic Brushed Aluminum ready to hang.

Do you have any other frames available? Generally, if you want to match frames you already are using it is best you take the print to your local framer. We do offer a larger matt and frame. You may also add a remarque on the matting. Prices available upon request.


What payments do you accept? You are not charged until you fully approve your print. We take a color photo of your personalized print, send it to you to examine and approve. We make any needed adjustments and then you are charged. We accept checks, money orders, VISA and MasterCard. Sorry, no CODS. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Do you give discounts on more than one print order? Yes, we offer a 10% discount on any duplicates of your print. Each print is still individually customized by the artist. Several people have ordered additional prints to send to their family and fellow crew members.


What do I need to do to place an order? It's simple. Gather your research and photos, fill out the order form and send them to the Peters Group at the address on the order page.

How long does it take? Each print takes at least 3 weeks to complete.

I wasn't in the war. That's okay. We can personalize a print of one of your favorite bombers, nose art or mission with any nose art or bomb group markings you choose.


How do you ship? USPS Ground, insured.

What are the shipping charges? Each order is individually packaged and is shipped within the continental United States for $36.