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Custom Aviation Art

Get a Beautiful B-17, B-24 or B-26 Giclee* Canvas Print With Customized Markings Of Your Choice!


Print Personalized for
Tom Kucskar,

8AF, 351 BG, 511 SQ.

Print Personalized for
Robert Henbest,

15AF, 451 BG, 727 SQ.

Print Personalized for
John Welk
9AF, 323 BG, 454 SQ.
65 Missions

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Bring your story to life with an exciting and affordable, museum quality 20"x28" Giclee Canvas Print! Have it customized with the markings of your choice, such as Nose Art, Bomb Group Markings on the tail and even Crew or Individual photo with names, positions or a short story. It's a unique and inexpensive way to freeze in time a never-to-be-forgotten part of history. A genuine keepsake for you, your family and friends that will last for generations to come.


*What is a Giclee Canvas Picture? (pronounced gee-clay) With the advent of Giclee, the art of fine printing has become even more precise. If kept out of the sun, the new inks are rated to undergo no less than 25 years of normal exposure to light without any measurable fading. The image has all the tonalities and hues of the original painting and archival Giclee Canvas Pictures are much more durable. Print can easily be cleaned with soft, slightly damp, cotton cloth. Each order also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist, Robert Peters and printmaker, Sandpoint Digital.

How to order your Customized Aviation Prints

No risk offer! Your order will be approved by you before you are ever charged. We will send you a color photo of your completed print plus a copy of your personal or crew photo for you to review and approve before we send you the final, completed print. Your check won't be cashed or your credit card won't be charged until you have approved your order and it is ready to ship. It takes at least 4 weeks to complete the personalization of your print. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

To Start Your Order Choose From the Following Options:

First, select the print.  B17F, B17G Olive Drab, B17G Silver, B24D, B24H/J in Olive Drab or Silver. B26 is also available. These Giclee Canvas Pictures are from original paintings and signed by aviation artist Robert Peters. 


Bomb Group Tail Markings.  Provide us with your Air Force number, Bomb Group number, and Squadron number, we will put all the correct tail markings, numbers, and letters on each plane. Any research, drawings, photos, etc. you can provide is helpful to us. We also have research of our own to use in case you don't.


Your Individual or Crew Photo.  Provide us with any size photo, in black & white or color. We will reproduce it and put it on your print. We can add your name(s), rank(s), position(s), Air Force, BG, and SQ numbers under the photo. Additional information can be included such as the base you flew from, the years you served, missions flown, POW, honors received, etc. This is your story to tell future generations. All photos and materials you provide will be returned to you at the completion of your order.


Nose Art.  Your choice of lettering or full color illustrations. Provide us with as much research and detail as you can and we will reproduce it. All research, photos, materials, etc. will be returned to you with your completed order. We would prefer that you send us copies of your valuable photos. If you do not have research on the nose art for your plane, ask us. We have several sources available.


Framing.  20"X28" Classic Brushed Aluminum. Ready to hang.


28"x 20" Museum Quality Archival Giclee Canvas Print.


Bomb Group Tail Markings.  BG & SQ letters numbers


Individual or Crew Photo with names

$35 each



Nose Art Illustration plus Lettering (average price)


Classic Brushed Aluminum Frame (incl. print mounting & UV protective coating)


Special Additions or Instructions  (call or email for prices)


Ground Shipping, Tracking & Insurance - Continental USA


Shipping International (call or email for prices)