Personalized Hand-Painted Leather Jackets and Commissioned Paintings

How To Order Jacket Art

Ordering is Easy!

1.  Please mail your order or email us at with a description of what you want depicted on your jacket.  Please provide as much information as possible, any research you might have, etc.  Be sure to include a daytime phone number or E-Mail Address in case we have any questions.  Bob is an award winning designer, once he understands what you want on your jacket he can design it for you. 


Orders should be sent to:

The Peters Group
835 Comeback Bay Lane
Sagle, ID  83860
2.  Include with your order a $75.00 layout deposit.  This deposit is non-refundable once your layout is done and will be applied to your full jacket order.
3.  We will provide you with a layout with a detailed, total cost.  This is the time to make sure we have exactly what you want on your jacket.

Example of layouts to finished art:



4.  Once we receive your full approval of the layout and cost estimate we will ask you to send us your jacket.


5.  Your jacket will be painted according to the layout.  The hand-painting usually takes about 2 weeks to complete.


6.  We will send you a photo of the completed painting for you to examine and approve.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


7.  Once we receive your final approval, full payment of the artwork is due.  We cannot send a jacket out until payment is received.


8.  We will put the finishing heat sealing process on your jacket to keep the painting permanent.


9.  We will return your jacket to you via FedEx Ground, U.S. Postal Service or Priority Mail, insured.


Artwork on a Leather Patch

If you are planning to use a cloth jacket we recommend that you have your artwork done on a piece of leather that can be sewn onto your jacket.

Even a large piece of art, such as this Bearcat across the back of a jacket, can be be painted onto a leather patch.

Artwork that is on a leather patch can be transferred to another jacket if the current one should become damaged. It can even be removed for cleaning or repair of the jacket and then sewn back onto the same spot!