Personalized Hand-Painted Leather Jackets and Commissioned Paintings

Jacket Art F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Painted Leather Jackets


 How long will the paint last? Will it chip or peel?

Will it last?  Recently, I wanted to paint a new design on my jacket. Removing the painting which I did previously required a big puddle of Isopropyl alcohol and over 2 hours of scrubbing with a stiff nylon bristled brush! Years ago, leather jackets were painted with thick, oil based paints, sometimes on unprepared surfaces. This could lead to chipping and peeling because the paint would eventually harden and fall off. My process is done differently. 

First, we surface clean the area to be painted to remove all dirt and impurities. The next step is to apply special leather formulated paints in a three step process that will remain flexible and, with proper jacket care, should last the life of the jacket. As a final step, after the jacket has been approved, a heat sealing process is applied to all painted surfaces, thus "locking in" the painting. I work closely with paint manufacturers to ensure that only the best products available are used for leather jackets.

Do you only do aviation or military themed Leather Jacket Art?

We do so much more than that! Autos, Boats, Pets, Motorcycles, Homes... whatever!  If you can describe it or provide photographs of what you want painted, we will design and paint it for you.

I don't have a leather jacket, do you sell them?

If you would like to purchase a top of the line, made in America new jacket, we highly recommend U.S. Wings at 1-800-650-0659 or We have painted on jackets from around the world and jackets made by U.S. Wings are our favorite. Another thing that really impresses us is how well the special paint we use adheres to their jackets.

About Bob Peters

Bob Peters is seen here with some of his art.

Robert Peters is an Honors Graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Robert has won many first place art and design awards in his 35 plus years as a professional artist. "I really like to work on a one-to-one relationship with my clients and I keep a very open mind to suggestions from people about what they would like to see painted on their jacket or a canvas, be it aviation or any subject of their choice." Robert and his wife, Diane, work closely with their clients on each and every order.