Personalized Hand-Painted Leather Jackets and Commissioned Paintings

Jacket Art Prices

Jacket Art Price Guide

Since all of our painted jackets are designed around each person’s desire, jacket art costs will vary. We charge for each art element added to the jacket. Most designs are average, some are very elaborate. Below is an estimate giving you an idea of what most of the elements will probably cost. If it is very elaborate, with extra detailing, the cost may be a little more.


Hand Painted Patches versus Embroidered Patches

We've done the research. For roughly the same price, your patches can be hand painted with much more detail and beauty than an embroidered patch. A leather patch can be sewn onto your jacket and easily transferred to another jacket. With the special care and treatment we give the artwork, it will not fade, peel or chip.


Jacket Art Starting Prices
Background: (Clouds, bodies of water, terrain)$100 - $450
Elaborate Nose Art On Plane$75 - $150
Lettering (per letter)$2.50 - $20
Shoulder Patch$40 - $150
Front Patch$50 - $250
Main Subject: (Plane, Car, Flag, Ship, Animal, etc.) $350.00
Illustration of a Woman (for example, a "Vargas" girl)$350.00
Bombs, Swastikas, Camels (each)$2.50 - $6.00
Leather Embossed Name Tag on front$15.00
  Wings $35.00
 Bars on Shoulders$15.00