Personalized Hand-Painted Leather Jackets and Commissioned Paintings

Jacket Art Testimonials

Bob and Diane,
Thank you so much! I have enjoyed "doing business" with you. You are courteous and attentive. Talking with you on the phone is like talking to old, dear friends. I wish you well in your unique and creative endeavor. I know the jacket will become a living advertisement to many of my fellow aviation buffs.
Thanks again.
Bill Martin
AVG painted for Bill Martin




Dear Robert,

Please find the attached photo of me on my bike wearing the jacket you painted. I intended to send you a pic last fall but the weather didn't co-operate.  In addition I've moved into a new, fixer, home and have been quite busy. Anyway, my wife snapped this shot of me crossing the Willamette River on the way home and I thought this would look real good on your web site.

Proud to have Served!
I have to tell you that your price was rather daunting but I am willing to pay the going rate for quality! Your artwork is outstanding and the durability you promised seems to be excellent! Thanks again for a superior product.




Hugh T. Shelley




Bob and Diane,
I put on my jacket and cruised through one of the big casinos tonight and had 211 good looking women hanging off my arms in only 45 minutes. However, there should have been at least 500 of these women coming on to me because of the jacket, so I want my money back!!!
Death Rides a Blackhorse for John T. TillmanSeriously, my jacket arrived at Mail Boxes, Etc. about 30 minutes after I talked to you on the phone. Story of my life! The pictures you sent me of my jacket looked really good, but I was totally blown away with the great job you did when I saw the jacket in person. You're right, the tank really jumps out at you with that olive drab paint. The sabers look really great, also. Pat yourself on the back for doing one fantastic piece of work!
Thanks again,
John T. Tillman




Dear Bob,

My jacket is now back at home with me and I am truly over-whelmed with your work. I must admit, I was very hesitant in the beginning about sending my jacket off to a far away place. However, after reviewing your excellent presentation and talking with you and Mrs. Peters, I decided to go all the way.  I was so impressed. What' s the old saying? No Guts, No Glory.

Capt. Ken Sullivan (Ret)

The detail, art work and especially the colors are as you said they would be, beautiful. I am so proud of it. I will look for every excuse to wear it out in public just to watch them turn their heads. Bob, you are truly the Michael Angelo of your field. This jacket has now become my most prized aviation treasure, and will carry it with me where ever I travel and wear it with pride now that I have Be There Fly Southwestretired from thirty-five years of airline flying.


For those of you whom are walking the floor wondering and trying to make the ultimate decision whether to send your jacket or not...DO IT !  I highly recommend Bob's work. The quality is unbelievable. In all of my life, I have never seen anything of this magnitude to compare it to! He will make you proud.


Again, many thanks. Wishing you Blue skies and good health always.


Capt. Ken Sullivan (Ret)
Southwest Airlines
Houston, Texas


Well it's been almost a year now since you created my jacket. I want to tell you how pleased I am to wear it and how happy I am to have it. You have made me very happy.


Bob - I can't say it enough - Thank you! You do GREAT work!


God Bless you and yours,

Rich Robbins





The jacket is superb.  This past May we had an Air Show and WWII Big Band Ball with 40's dress and uniforms optional.  Needless to say people were impressed.  Enclosed are some of the pictures I had taken at the ball.  The B-24 is my attempt to honor my friend's uncle who was the Turret Gunner on the Baby Doll.  Again, thank you so much for the excellent service.


Terry Farrow




Since the early 40's, I have been a Flying Tigers buff. I have collected many, many prints of the AVG Gang and their Curtis P-40 Tomahawks. When I saw an ad on having a P-40 painted on a leather jacket by Bob Peters, I went for it! Wow! What a wonderful surprise!


This is the most spectacular painting on a jacket I have ever seen. I wear this masterpiece with pride.

Everywhere I go, people come up to me and comment on how unique it is. I love my P-40 jacket.


Best Regards,

Tom Sellers  













I wanted to thank you for the quality work and amazing art you created when painting my jacket.  It grabs people's attention and I have had many compliments on it and some good conversations because of it.  I even had a young boy ask me what the Bill of Rights was - what a great opportunity to educate!


You are an amazing artist and a pleasure to do business with.




Rich Lindquist