Personalized Hand-Painted Leather Jackets and Commissioned Paintings

Motorcycle Jacket Art

Your Leather Bike Jacket Will Become a Personalized

Hand-Painted Masterpiece

Motorcycle rider wearing his Motorcycle Jacket Art

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Now your bike jacket, vest, pants, or chaps can be as individual and unique as you are - your concepts will be beautifully displayed on the back of your jacket.


How long will the paint last?

We use only the finest quality, weather-proof formulated acrylics along with a unique sealing process to make the paint permanent.  No chipping or peeling, GUARANTEED.


What is the average turn around time?


We'll work together with you to establish the design that you would like painted on your jacket and tell you how much it will cost. This is usually a very simple process. You can keep your jacket until we contact you to ship it to us. The average time for painting is usually only about two weeks. As soon as we're finished painting we'll send you photos of the artwork. Final payment is due after you have given us your full approval.


How much does it cost?


Our painting prices are very competitive. Your cost will depend on how complex the design is. We require a $75 down payment to get you jacket order into our system. This is not an added on cost but is applied to your full jacket order. The Eagle jacket art and lettering shown here is $783; "Rosie The Riveter" and lettering on the back of the woman's jacket is $355. The painting is permanently sealed and under normal use should last the life of your jacket.

Look at what our customers say about their artwork:
  • "Bob, Looks Bitchin'!  It's been my pleasure to have you make my wishes come true.  You do great work."  R. Robbins
  • "You got everything right.  It is and was a pleasure to work with you.  You have excellent customer service and your designs are amazing."  Justin
  • "I am absolutely knocked out by the jacket.  It is gorgeous.  This is something I have wanted for 20 years.  I still don't know how you were able to exactly duplicate the image I had in my mind just from a telephone conversation."  J. Narramore

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